Cable clamp set including channel nuts

Fast, efficient calculation, procurement and realisation.

The set consists of:
  • Desired type of FOX-TRI cable clamp
  • Threaded rods (on correct length)
  • Nuts
  • Washers
  • Kwikstrut channel nuts
  • Mounting material Galvanised steel; optional Hot Dip Galvanised/ Stainless Steel
  • Protective caps for top of threaded rods and for channel
  • Shortcircuit proof fixation of three (3) single- or multiconductor low-, medium- or high voltage cables or tubes with a diameter between 23 and 150 mm
  • Mechanical strength: up to 84,000 N
  • First 2 models are stackable
  • Mounting torque: max. 5 Nm
  • Material: High Quality Black Polyamide, Fibreglass-Reinforced
  • Temperature range: -40° C to + 135° C
  • Excellent mechanical-, heat-, and chemical resistance, halogen free
  • Perfect fit due to well-thought-through design
  • Equipped with countersunk holes for nut/ bolt head
  • Also available as COMPLETE SET including Unistrut channel
  • Can also be mounted on Unistrut Racks
  • Quick delivery and advise on request!


FOX-TRI Ø 26-39 2009-4-026-039
FOX-TRI Ø 39-54 2009-4-039-054
FOX-TRI Ø 53-67 2009-4-053-067
FOX-TRI Ø 67-90 2009-4-067-090
FOX-TRI Ø 90-118 2009-4-090-118
FOX-TRI Ø 118-150 2009-4-118-150
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More options
FOX-TRI (Triple)
FOX-TRI (Triple) with threaded rods (galvanized)
FOX-TRI (Triple) with Unistrut channel (galvanized)