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FOX-TRI / FOX-SI cable clamp (-sets)
Cable Ø from 15 - 170 mm


FOX-UNI cable block (-sets)
Cable Ø from 15 - 49 mm



Complete package of Unistrut/
Kwikstrut mounting materials.



Under construction.

FOX Clamps®

Fox Clamps ( is part of Adinco BV. We are a leading manufacturer of Cable clamps, Cable blocks and Unistrut materials.

We offer complete solutions for the mounting of, among other things, low, medium and high voltage cables, in Energy, Infra, Industrial and Utility projects.

Our products are among the strongest plastic cable clamps in the world, and are distinguished by ingenious design and a compact fit. This is how we achieve the perfect cable mounting.

With our products you will experience the benefits of efficient calculation, work preparation and quick assembly / execution. This means a considerable cost saving for you as a customer.

Fox Clamps is your partner in the field of cable clamps, cable blocks and Unistrut materials. Feel free to contact us on / or call 0031345 - 596 000.

Why choose Fox Cable Clamps?

Fox Cable Clamps are the Perfect Clamps and blocks for Safe and short-circuit proofed Mounting of energy or Power cables.  
We supply our cable clamps directly to various projects where short-circuit fixed cable clamps are required. The single core cables can be transformed there from high to medium to low voltage up to the transformer station

Suitable and Safe 

Fox cable clamps and cable holders are made of polyamide 6 GV, black and are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. With our cable clamps, low, medium and high voltage cables can be fixed safely. Use Fox cable holders to mount three single-core or multi-core cables in a triangular (bundling) arrangement. Attach single and multi-conductor cables easily and conveniently. High-quality plastic clamps for cable routing in transformer and wind power plants. For larger quantities and series, we also provide the right mounting material.

Convenient installation 

With a unique design Fox Clamps are made for easy and convenient installation of low, medium and high voltage cables. Beside single clamps we also offer cable blocks. Fox Clamps products are ideal for single or multi-core power cables. Also suitable for pipes and hoses. 

Strength and resistance

Fox Clamps are made with particularly high dynamic and mechanical strength and heat resistance due to special fiberglass-reinforced polyamide. Thus, they are also resistant to

service temperature between -40 ° C and 120 ° C. 

Fox Products are very resistant to oil, grease, ozone and UV radiation. They are Non-magnetic / non-conductive

Non-oxidising / corrosion-proof

Available worldwide

Fox Clamps application areas:

  • Wind energy
  • Switchgear construction
  • Compact stations
  • Transformer construction
  • Building services
  • Solar plants / photovoltaic
  • Substations
  • Power plant construction
  • Network reconstruction