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Fox-Clamps Products for Technical Buildings

If you manage a technical building or Transformer buildings, chances are you need high voltage cable clamps. Fox-Clamps offers a variety of products to meet your needs. On this page you will find several examples where Fox Clamps products have been used.

Project: FOX-UNI Sets 4x

- 15 km Cable
- 1500 Uni Sets 
- ø 30 - 40 mm (cable diameter)

Project: FOX-SI (Single) and Triple Cable Clamps

- 400 meters of Tubes

- 50 Single Cable Clamps with channel nuts

- 150 Triple Cable Clamps with Unistrut mounting material. 

Project: FOX-UNI 4X ø 41 - 49 mm (cable diameter)

- 200 meters cable

- 50 pc of Fox 4x Cable Blocks

- Fox Cable blocks with unitstrut mounting materials

Fox Clamps Application Area's and Projects

Smart grid is expanding globally due to the growing demand for technology changes, electricity, emission reduction, and policies. After all, to help sustain the economy and improve business performance, some form of electricity is needed.

Fox Clamps provide the solution for mounting large cables that are needed to establish the infrastructure for such projects.

Fox Clamps projects

Fox Clamps Projects


  • Wind energy
  • Switchgear construction
  • Compact stations
  • Transformer construction
  • Building services
  • Solar plants / photovoltaic
  • Substations
  • Power plant construction
  • Network reconstruction